Council, Police remind residents to Park Smart

Published: 30 Aug 2019 1:20pm

Wagga Wagga City Council and Wagga Wagga Police Local Area Command are working to reduce opportunistic crime through a new joint campaign ‘Park Smart’.

Park Smart aims to raise awareness of the risks of leaving your vehicle unlocked and valuables in sight.

During discussions between Council and Police, steal from motor vehicle and motor vehicle theft were identified as two areas of concern.

The campaign will include a number of ways to increase awareness in the community, including promotional material, social media, street parking audits.

“The Park Smart campaign works to raise awareness of the small, everyday things we can do to minimise opportunities for these crimes to occur,” Council’s Director Community Janice Summerhayes said.

“Through the campaign we want people to remember to remove all devices like phones, iPads and electronics, as well as handbags, small change and other valuables when leaving the vehicle.”

“And most importantly, remember to always lock your vehicle.”

“Not letting thieves ‘smell an opportunity’ is the key takeaway of the Park Smart campaign, with car air fresheners and postcards available to remind you

“Police and Council will also be conducting a visual audit of areas within the CBD to highlight potential theft opportunities to the community and to distribute Park Smart tips to the community.”

The Park Smart community awareness campaign builds on Council’s Crime Prevention Plan 2021 as well as supporting the introduction of the new Crime Prevention Working Group.

Four community representatives were recently appointed to the Crime Prevention Working Group including- Justin Busuttil, Saba Nabi, Kat van der Wijngaart and Thomas Gardiner (25 years and under representative) – with the first meeting being conducted on Monday 26 August