Youth to help shape city's future at forum

Published: 06 Sep 2019 3:32pm

Are you a teenage visionary with a bold plan for our city’s future?

Or a young person with big dreams?

Well, Wagga Wagga City Council needs you.

“We are trying to educate young people on the lifecycle and longevity of a Council project,” Youth Development Officer Vanessa Jennings said.

“We want to help our young people realise that the grand idea they have for the city, could very well be the project they’re managing 10 years down the track.

“Or maybe they’ll be on the bobcat turning the first sod to get works underway.”

Councillors and staff hope the ‘Shape Your City’ Youth Forum on Wednesday 11 September will give young people a chance to have their voices heard in a supportive environment.

“We’ll have 6 tables of projects, including the Library review, the Civic Theatre’s Plug and Play, the Health and Knowledge Precinct, Riverside and Entwine on offer,” Ms Jennings said.

“Social Planning will also host a Blue-Sky Thinking session.

“Each student will participate in two engagement sessions.”

It’d hoped the forum will showcase the “gamut” of employment opportunities that exist within Council.

“We want our young people to realise they don’t have to leave the city to pursue a variety of exciting and rewarding career pathways,” Ms Jennings said.

The empowering forum will enable young participants to walk away with a better idea of how they can influence local government projects and play a role in shaping their city.

The event will run from 10am to 3pm inside the Councillors Meeting Room, with lunch provided.

Local comedian, Aidan Mungai will facilitate the forum.

To register for the 18 years and under forum, email