group of school kids


Villages' students discover great ideas

Published: 04 Jun 2021 12:23pm

School kids in four of the rural villages in the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area were encouraged to freely explore their imaginations and uncover great ideas at a day of discovery with Polyglot Theatre Company.

Each year Council coordinates outreach programs that ensure rural village communities have access to social and creative cultural experiences.

K-6 students at Humula, Tarcutta, Ladysmith and Uranquinty public schools were this year treated to the Thoughtaculture workshop, which unravelled a day of imagination and play to help cultivate creative thinking.

Council’s Cultural Officer Narelle Vogel said the workshop program was a great success and left students feeling empowered to work collaboratively on ideas as vast as their imaginations allowed.

Ms Vogel said Thoughtaculture is a celebration of the process of gaining knowledge which sparked students’ creativity as they worked together to gain a greater understanding of the limitless potential in their ideas.

“It was a safe and supportive environment for students to freely explore their imaginations, and to learn how to take an idea and grow it into something that adds to their world to be enjoyed and appreciated by those around them,” Ms Vogel said.

“It included group discussion, drawing and reflection, and individual creative thinking and making.”