Some sportsgrounds closed with rain continuing to fall

Published: 05 Jun 2018 9:28am

7 August 2015

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Some sportsgrounds closed with rain continuing to fall

Some sportsgrounds in Wagga Wagga continue to be closed for training purposes this week, with the City experiencing above average rainfall this winter.

Decisions to close sportsgrounds are not taken lightly by Wagga Wagga City Council staff, however this action is sometimes necessary to ensure the grounds are not damaged in the long term.

Council incurs the majority of costs to maintain sportsgrounds, with the cost recovery of sports ground user fees on maintenance averaging 16.2% across all sports.

Consistent rainfall has seen 167mm falling in June and July, and 33mm already recorded for the first week of August.

More than 100mm has been recorded in the last four weeks alone.

Weekend sporting matches are given priority of use over training, with all fields open for weekend sport.

Sixteen of the Wagga Wagga’s 23 Council managed sportsgrounds are currently closed for training purposes, with details update regularly online:

Prior to making the decision to close sportsgrounds, council staff undertake a rigorous inspection process.

Factors considered before deciding to close a sportsground may include:

 The current condition of the sportsground

 The likely condition of the sportsground if training or matches are permitted to occur on it following/during wet weather

 Up-coming events/usage

 The condition of the playing surface for the rest of the season

 Safety considerations

 The ability for the playing surface to handle the received or likely level of rain fall



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