New homes needed for mum, nine pups dumped at shelter

Published: 05 Jun 2018 10:44am

8 December 2015

For immediate release

New homes needed for mum, nine pups dumped at shelter

Rangers at Glenfield Road Animal Shelter are hoping for a Christmas miracle after a mother and her nine pups were dumped at the facility last week.

The wolf-stag hound-cross puppies are about eight to nine weeks old and are available for adoption from today, along with mum Chrissy.

“We’ve named the mother Chrissy in the spirit of the festive season,” Manager Regulatory Services Greg Minehan said. “There’s six boys and three girls in the litter, mostly with brindle markings and one pup that is mostly black.

“If anyone is looking for a pet and you’re able to provide the space and exercise the breed requires, then please come and visit our team at the shelter.

“But remember – pets are a gift for life, not just for Christmas.”

Mr Minehan said Chrissy and her pups have put a smile on the Rangers’ faces since they arrived, but it’s also been a sad reminder about irresponsible pet owners.

“Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for a litter or a pregnant dog to come to the shelter, but it is rare to have a mum with eight-week-old pups,” he said.

“As cute as the pups are, this situation could have been avoided if the owner had Chrissy desexed.

“It’s also vital that you register your pets and get them microchipped. Pet ownership is not something to be taken lightly, it’s a lifetime responsibility.”

Chrissy can be adopted for $323.40, which includes microchipping, registration, vaccination, desexing, worming and heart worm testing.

The six boys can be adopted for $262.40 each and the three girls for $286.40 each, which includes everything except a heart worm test. If the pups are not old enough to be desexed, the new owners will get a desexing certificate.

The Glenfield Road Animal Shelter is open to the public Monday to Saturday between 1pm and 4.15pm. The shelter is a facility operated by Wagga Wagga City Council for housing lost, stray or dumped companion animals. Approximately 1500 dogs and 600 cats are housed at the shelter each year.



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