National Tree Day to put a smile on your dial

Published: 05 Jun 2018 9:07am

National Tree Day to put a smile on your dial - 22 July 2015

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but happiness does.

This year’s National Tree Day is on 26 July and the latest research shows those who take part are 15 per cent happier than the average Australian.

If you want to put a smile on your dial, grab your gloves and head to 36 Clifton Street, Hilltop for this year’s community planting day from 10am to noon.

The community event is being hosted by Wagga Wagga City Council and Wagga Wagga Urban Landcare and if you still aren’t smiling by lunchtime, then there’s a free barbecue for all volunteers.

“This year’s National Tree Day will see 1400 seedlings planted, which will provide habitat and food sources for local fauna including squirrel gliders, honeyeaters and lizards,” Council’s Environmental Education Officer Alice Kent said.

“Volunteers will be able to see the difference they have made to our city as they watch the seedlings grow bigger and bigger over the years to come.

“You’ll be helping the environment while beautifying our city –two very good reasons to put a smile on your face.”

This year marks the 20th National Tree Day, with 21 million trees, shrubs and grasses being planted over the past two decades.

The location for this year’s Wagga event will also create a green corridor to link existing areas of natural vegetation.

Volunteers should wear sturdy and enclosed footwear and if possible, bring along a pair of gardening gloves.

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Planet Ark “Needing Trees: The Nature of Happiness” report:

 Despite Australia being typically associated with outdoor living, we spend around 90% of our time indoors.

 People who participate in National Tree Day are 15% more happy than the general Australian population.

 Results show the amount of time children spend outside will influence how happy they will be as adults.

The report can be found at:

Media opportunity

What: National Tree Day community planting event

When: Sunday 26 July, 10am to noon

Where: 36 Clifton Street, Hilltop