Don't Waste It! Council to launch 'Tipping Point' campaign

Published: 30 May 2018 11:46am

Don’t Waste It! Council to launch ‘Tipping Point’ campaign - 29 June 2015

Wagga Wagga City Council is launching ‘Tipping Point’, the community’s chance to help shape the future of waste services in the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area.

A new contract for the three bin kerbside waste collection service is set to begin in April 2017, presenting a prime opportunity to enhance the vast range of waste services provided by Council.

“While the City is already kicking goals in waste reduction, if we want to go to the next level it needs to embrace a new and innovative system for waste collection and the recovery of reusable items and materials,” Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services Heinz Kausche said.

The focus of ‘Tipping Point’ is to receive community input that will help inform the process to develop an enhanced system to collect and process waste materials at an appropriate and acceptable cost.

“Council is taking advantage of the process of renewing the kerbside waste collection contract to look at ways to further reduce the amount of recyclables, garden green waste and food organics that go into landfill,” Mr Kausche continued.

“There are a number of options available to assist this process, but significant community input is required in the planning stage to ensure that any potential changes are a success.”

Anything relating to Council’s waste services is up for discussion.

This includes, but is not limited to:

 introducing food organics collection and processing systems

 voluntary increases in size of household recycling bins and frequency of collection

 new pre-booked bulky waste collections in lieu of Free Tip Days

 extending kerbside waste collections

 enhancing the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre

 development of new waste recovery opportunities

More information and opportunities to contribute to the discussion can be found online:

Media Opportunity

What: Launch of ‘Tipping Point’

When: 12.30pm, Monday 29 June 2015

Where: Gregadoo Waste Management Centre, Ashfords Road. Media are asked to assemble at the entrance to Gregadoo Waste Management Centre on Ashfords Road.

Who: Heinz Kausche, Director Infrastructure Services