Tree removals and replacements to get underway in CBD, Lake Albert

Published: 30 May 2018 11:46am

Tree removals and replacements to get under way in CBD, Lake Albert - 18 June 2015


Wagga Wagga will farewell an old friend when the bunya pine in the Victory Memorial Gardens is removed in the coming weeks due to safety concerns.

The tree, which was believed to be planted between 1910 and 1920, has a significant lean in the upper part of the trunk.

The pine has been monitored closely since 2006 and three independent arborists’ assessment reports have been conducted over the past six months.

“Unfortunately the pine has become a real safety concern for park users and the area surrounding the pine has been fenced off in recent months,” Council’s Director Community and Environmental Services Janice Summerhayes said.

“It’s believed the pine was planted when the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney provided country towns with various specimens.

“The tree will be replaced with a Queensland kauri pine, which is related to the bunya pine and is known to grow well in the region.”

Also in the Victory Memorial Gardens precinct are a sugar gum tree and a Dutch elm tree, which will also be removed.

The sugar gum poses a substantial risk to safety as it has had significant branch failures. It will be replaced with a suitable local eucalyptus species.

The Dutch elm has rot in the base of the trunk and is located north of the Civic Centre.

Lake Albert

At Lake Albert, an independent assessment of all trees adjacent to the shared pathway was undertaken earlier this year following a branch failure from a large eucalyptus tree.

“The assessment recommended 13 trees be removed from around the walkway due to concerns for public safety,” Ms Summerhayes said.

“Eight trees will be removed from Apex Park. These trees are at the end of their useful lives.

“Pruning works are also being undertaken on one eucalyptus tree near the Country Club and this tree will be retained.

“New plantings will take place in the south-eastern corner of the Lake during winter to replace the removed trees.”

Work is expected to start on Wednesday 24 June, weather permitting.