Levee design information sessions

Published: 30 May 2018 11:08am

Levee design information sessions to be held - 9 March 2015

Residents and businesses across the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area will get an update on the detailed investigation and design process for the Main City and North Wagga levee upgrade project and hear about the alternative flood management options for North Wagga.

A series of community information sessions will be held over the coming weeks across flood impacted suburbs and villages, along with a general update for the rest of the community.

“Flood Management is something that affects us all,” Director Infrastructure Services Heinz Kausche said.

“It’s critical that we keep the community updated and informed on the status and direction of the levee upgrade project.

“Equally important is making sure that the community have the opportunity to provide input on the designs and flood management options for North Wagga.

“We live and work on a floodplain and this is the next step in a long-term conversation with the community about flood management.”

Since 2007, Wagga Wagga City Council has been investigating the feasibility of upgrading these levee systems and responding to the requirements related to the project.

The detailed designs are being undertaken by NSW Public Works and are based on extensive geotechnical surveys and detailed investigations carried out over the past six months.

Main City Levee

  • The detailed design for the Main City Levee will bring it up to a 1 in 100 year level of protection.
  • This higher level of protection means evacuation or flood damage that has been experienced in the Wagga Wagga CBD is more likely to be avoided.
  • To meet the new standard the detailed designs specify the levee must be raised approximately one metre, although this varies in different sections.

North Wagga Levee

  • Council is continuing to explore other options for the North Wagga Levee, but is also proceeding with the already funded detailed design process to upgrade the levee to a 1 in 20 year level of protection.

Meeting schedule

10 March: Oura, Oura Community Hall at 7pm

11 March: Gumly Gumly, East Wagga Football Club at 6pm

12 March: North Wagga, North Wagga Hall at 6pm

17 March: East Wagga, Council Chambers at 6pm

18 March: Eunony, Historic Council Chambers at 5.30pm

19 March: General update, Council Chambers at 6pm

Media opportunity

Who: Director Infrastructure Services Heinz Kausche

When: Tuesday 10 March, 9am

Where: Wagga Wagga City Council Civic Centre