Bunya pine cones to be removed on Monday 12 December

Published: 09 Dec 2016 3:37pm

Football-sized pine cones will be removed from the iconic bunya pines in the CBD on Monday 12 December.

The cones can weigh about 5kg and grow at the top of the ancient trees – up to 30m high for some of the older specimens in Collins Park.

A crane has been used to assess the trees in the past, but this year the City of Wagga Wagga was able to take advantage of new technology.

"The large pine cones are hidden high within the canopy of the bunya pine trees and we were able to quickly assess them with a drone earlier this week," Parks Operations Supervisor David Stapleton said.

"The bunya pine cones can pose a safety risk to park users if they were left on the trees.

"The size and weight of the cones, combined with the height they can fall from, means there is potential for significant injury.

"We’re fortunate to have so many of these unique trees in Wagga, but it’s important they are regularly assessed and maintained."

The pine cones will be removed from 12 bunya pines across Collins Park and the Esplanade on 12 December. Access will be restricted in parts of Collins Park throughout the day from 6.30am to 3pm.

The removal of the large pine cones forms part of Council’s regular park maintenance program.

Media opportunity

What: Bunya pine cone removal
Where: Collins Park
When: 10am, Monday 12 December
Who: Parks Operations Supervisor David Stapleton