Aerial mapping review ensures its safety first for backyard swimming pools

Published: 04 Jul 2016 9:15am

To ensure safety in our backyards the City of Wagga Wagga is assisting pool owners in the Local Government Area to make sure swimming pools are compliant with required legislation. 

New South Wales has strict legislation for owners of backyard swimming pools to help prevent drownings and other accidents.

Manager Development Services Colby Farmer said Council is always open to working with home owners to ensure swimming pools are compliant and made safe for all pool users.

"While backyard swimming pools are great fun, they can also present real dangers such as drownings, especially for young children," Mr Farmer said.

"Council recognises that a collaborative approach with pool owners is required to make sure tragedies like this don't happen in our backyards."

As part of Council's Swimming Pool Compliance Program, which has been established for four years, an aerial mapping review of the Local Government Area was recently completed.

The review identified about 200 swimming pools that are not listed on Council's or the state-wide swimming pool register and appear to not have required development consent.

Letters will soon be issued to these home owners requesting relevant development consent be obtained to ensure that the pool is made safe.

Pool owners who wish to talk to Council about pool-related matters can do so by phoning the on-duty building surveyor on 1300 292 442 or coming into the Civic Centre Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Further information on state legislation and backyard pool safety can be found at