Truck-inspired art parks up in Tarcutta

Published: 19 Jul 2016 9:14am

Australian children have stood by the road side gesturing to passing truckies to give a friendly honk of the truck horns for generations.

Now this tradition, of frantically lifting your arm up and down, has been crafted in steel and installed by the road side in Tarcutta – a town steeped in trucking history.

Arm Horn is the work of Australian blacksmith William Maguire and illustrates two children using the arm pull gesture and a toddler waving to passing truck drivers.

There's also a sandstone visitors rock between the steel-sculptured children for Tarcutta kids, tourists and truckies to interact with the artwork and capture the gesture on camera.

Mr Maguire's own memories of waving to truck drivers and getting them to honk their horn was the inspiration for the art work.

Tarcutta Progress Association has worked with Wagga Council from the beginning to help bring the public art work to life.

Arm Horn is located at the southern end of the Sydney Street road reserve, across from the Tarcutta truck driver's memorial.

The work is part of the Wagga Works Public Art Plan and cost $25,000.

Media Opportunity

What: Official launch of new public artwork Arm HornWhen: Tuesday 19 July at 11am

Where: Sydney Street road reserve, Tarcutta

Who: Blacksmith and Arm Horn artist William Maguire, Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga Councillor Rod Kendall, Councillor Kevin Poynter, Director Environmental and Community Services Janice Summerhayes, Tarcutta Progress Association President Craig Plum and Tarcutta Public School students