Update on Wagga Wagga Integrated Transport Strategy

Published: 25 Jul 2016 4:04pm

The Wagga Wagga Integrated Transport Strategy (WWITS) will not be complete until later this year to allow more time for the technical data to be thoroughly analysed.

WWITS was originally scheduled to be finalised this month, with the extra time also allowing it to be informed by the new Community Strategic Plan "Wagga View – Our Future in Focus".

"WWITS isn't a document being developed in isolation – it needs to be informed by the community holistically through Wagga View and in line with the review of Council's planning framework," General Manager Alan Eldridge said.

"While delaying the project isn't ideal, it's vital we invest as much time as necessary to develop the strategy as it will inform important parts of our transport infrastructure for the coming decades."

WWITS is currently three-quarters complete, with the final steps including further data analysis and integration with Wagga View consultation.

Mr Eldridge in April announced a landmark review of Council's entire planning framework, the first major step of which was the extensive Wagga View community consultation across four weeks in May and June.

Thousands of wishes, thoughts and ideas were submitted during the consultation and these will help create a clear picture of what residents and industry want for Wagga's future.

These will help create the new Community Strategic Plan, which then informs all Council documents and strategies such as the Local Environmental Plan (LEP), Development Control Plan (DCP) and WWITS.

"Concerns over issues such as parking and traffic are in my eyes a positive as it's a sign that our community is growing," Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga Councillor Rod Kendall said.

"Understanding Wagga's transport needs goes hand in hand with planning for our residential growth and development.

"Through WWITS, Wagga View and the review of the planning framework we are making sure Council, industry and the community are ready for that growth."