Bright outlook for Wagga's playgrounds - 20 year management plan approved

Published: 29 May 2018 4:38pm

Bright outlook for Wagga’s playgrounds – 20 year management plan approved - 1 March 2016


The future of playgrounds in Wagga for the next 20 years has been set – and it’s bright, playful and exciting.

Improvements and upgrades of existing playgrounds and the provision of new playgrounds is what is in store for recreational areas in Wagga.

The city has 91 playgrounds, each forming an important component to open space and providing play facilities to help improve children’s physical, intellectual and social developments.

Ensuring quality existing and new playgrounds are available in Wagga today and for future generations is the purpose of a new guiding document – Playground Strategy 2016-2036.

The final strategy, adopted at the February 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting, was developed through community consultation and considers planning direction from a number of Council’s documentation and Government legislation.

The policy highlights the need for recreational diversity, by providing a variety of playgrounds, with different play experiences and equipment, across the city.

The strategy outlines 10 new playgrounds for land releases in Lloyd, Estella and Forest Hill and ensures a level of service to provide quality playgrounds in Ashmont, Central, Estella, Kooringal, Lake Albert, Lloyd, Tolland and Turvey Park.

“Wagga is a family-friendly city and the provision of great playgrounds contributes to this attribute, along with health and wellbeing outcomes for children and the overall liveability of our city,” Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga Rod Kendall said.

“Playgrounds across the city are already well used and appreciated by Wagga kids and their families. The new Playground Strategy ensures this continues for the next generation of Wagga children.”

Key recommendations to achieve the strategy:

  • Increase the number of regional playgrounds ($200,000 plus), equal to Apex Park and Botanic Gardens, from two to four, inclusive of a new Wagga Beach playground and replacement of Bolton Park playground
  • Provide a suburban playground ($100,000) in the large residential suburbs of Ashmont, Forest Hill, Glenfield, Kooringal, Tolland and Turvey Park
  • Increase playground renewal budget for use when current playgrounds require work based on age and condition.
  • Increase the annual playground maintenance budget in line with CPI
  • Council explore partnership opportunities to maximise community benefit to the playground network.