Overhaul of city's planning framework to be fast tracked

Published: 29 May 2018 4:38pm

Overhaul of city’s planning framework to be fast tracked - 2 March 2016

­­­Reviews of the city’s planning framework will be fast tracked, City of Wagga Wagga General Manager Alan Eldridge announced today.

The Local Environmental Plan (LEP), Development Control Plan (DCP) and Section 94 Plan will all be overhauled, while a service review has also begun for the planning division.

“Updating the planning framework will be an extensive process that will involve all key stakeholders from across the community,” Mr Eldridge said.

“To begin the process, we need to collate the strategic data to ensure the new plans meet the current and future needs of our growing city.”

The important plans govern land zoning, new developments and how public amenities are funded in the growing areas, and Mr Eldridge said it was vital Council gets them right.

“This is a landmark initiative and it is the first time that these plans have all been reviewed and updated together,” Mr Eldridge said.

“Concerns have been raised by the community recently, which has highlighted the urgency to change the way we plan for future land use in the Wagga Wagga LGA.”

A service review is also under way for the planning division, which will look at improvements in processing information and applications.

“The service review will look at potential savings through efficiency and effectiveness and includes a review of the current resourcing structure,” Mr Eldridge said.

The planning framework and service reviews come as Council releases its new Planning Customer Service Charter, which details the City of Wagga Wagga’s commitment to being open, honest and fair in its dealings with all customers.

“Our planning team strives to provide timely, efficient and consistent service to our community,” Mr Eldridge said.

“All of our staff take their obligations to the community seriously and are committed to ensuring high standards of service are reached and maintained.”

For more information on Council’s planning team and to view the new customer service charter, visit the planning tab at Council’s website wagga.nsw.gov.au.

The planning framework review will begin next week, while the service review is expected to be completed by the beginning of May.

Plans explained:

Local Environmental Plan

The Wagga Wagga Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP) is the principal legal document for controlling development and guiding planning decisions made by Council to facilitate new development.

The LEP was published in 2010 and consists of a written document and comprehensive series of maps illustrating the controls applying to land in the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area.

Development Control Plan

The development control plan is a non-legal document that supports the local environmental plan with more detailed planning and design guidelines.

Section 94

Development contributions are payments made by developers to enable Council to provide public amenities and services required for new residents and businesses.
Sections 94 and 94A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EPAA) 1979 is the principal legislation enabling Councils to levy contributions for public amenities and services.

All section 94 monetary contributions are placed into a special account and cannot be used for any other purpose.