Pint-sized pademelons newest additions to Wagga zoo family

Published: 18 Nov 2016 10:12am

They might not be the biggest, the tallest or the strangest looking, but they sure are cute.

Two pint-sized pademelons are the newest additions to the animal family at the Wagga Wagga Zoo and Aviary.

The one female and one male marsupials have this week been relocated from Gosford to their new home at the Botanic Gardens.

"It’s always an exciting time when a new animal is added to our Wagga zoo family," Supervisor Horticulture Mick Cave.

"Pademelons are widespread in Tasmania, but are extinct, other than those in captivity, on the mainland due to predation of foxes.

"Because of their rarity, and cuteness, we hope they will be something different for the zoo visitors to enjoy."

Pademelons are stocky animals with a relatively short tail and legs that help them to bounce around. They range in colour from dark-brown to grey-brown and feed on a diet of herbs, grasses and moss.

The furry friends were released into their new Botanic Gardens home on Friday 18 November.

To see the new duo, or any of the other great animals at the Wagga Wagga Zoo and Aviary, head to the Botanic Gardens site, open from 9am to 5pm daily.

What’s in a name?
There are some new friends at the zoo, but we’re not quite on a first name basis. The Wagga Wagga community are being asked to help out, by naming the city’s new friendly pademelon duo.
Residents can make a suggestion in the naming competition by heading over to the City of Wagga Wagga’s Facebook page,
Only suitable suggestions will be considered.