Revised Cultural Protocols to be reviewed by local Aboriginal community members

Published: 13 Apr 2017 9:37am

Aboriginal community members are being encouraged to review the City of Wagga Wagga’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Protocols and provide feedback.

The City’s Aboriginal Youth & Community Development Officer Sam Kirby says the Cultural Protocols are an important part of the social and professional structures Aboriginal people live and work in.

“The aim of this document is to provide a comprehensive resource for all Council staff to use when liaising, consulting and engaging with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community,” he said.

“It will ensure staff provide a service that is both relevant and respectful when working with local Aboriginal community members.”

As well as outlining appropriate practices, the document also provides cultural and historical context for the Wagga Wagga area.

Some of the key changes include:

  • More relevant, easy to read and practical version of the 2010 document
  • Updated design concept with local images to improve readability and capture the relationship between the City of Wagga Wagga and the Aboriginal Community
  • A recommendation that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag is flown each day alongside the National Australian flag.

Mr Kirby said that observing the cultural protocols of a community demonstrates respect for the cultural traditions, history, diversity and the continued connection to Country of that community.

“It is vital that local Aboriginal people review the Cultural Protocols and provide feedback before they are adopted so that we can ensure they meet the needs of the community.”

Staff will be engaging directly with Aboriginal people on the revised document as well as providing an opportunity to review and provide feedback is available on the website or by calling 1300 292 442.

Two stakeholder consultation sessions will be held:

  • 19 April 10am, Wagga Wagga Civic Centre
  • 21 April 10am, Wagga Wagga Civic Centre

The deadline for submissions is Monday 24 April 2017.