Work starts on Lake Albert solar light fixes

Published: 16 Aug 2017 10:22am

Work to resolve teething issues with solar lights around the Lake Albert walking track started on site this week.

Earlier this month Wagga Wagga City Council said solutions to some of the problems with the lights were being worked through.

Yesterday the first of a series of fixes started on site, with Council staff cleaning all of the 104 solar panels along the 5.5km walking track to remove any grime or residue that may have settled on the panels. Cleaning the panels will help maximise the amount of energy they harvest and improve efficiency of the lights.

Staff will also carry out diagnostic checks on the effectiveness and output of all the panels, replace some faulty units and input a new on/off program for the lights.

Under the new program the lights will operate for about three hours after sunset and about two hours before sunrise.

“Once all the fixes are implemented and tested we will know if any further works are required to ensure the lights are performing as they should be,” Manager Project Operations Bruce Sheridan said.

“It is not uncommon for a new project to encounter some issues early on. Working through them now, during their first winter in operation, should ensure that by the colder months next year the light are operating to their full capacity.”

For some of the works to take place, short detours off the walking track and on to grassed areas may be in place for pedestrians.

“The lights have been embraced by the Wagga Wagga community since they were installed in March, rectifying these issues as soon as possible will ensure this community activity continues,” Manager Project Operations Bruce Sheridan said.

“We thank the Wagga Wagga community for their patience as the issues are being worked through.”

The solar lights around the Lake Albert walking track was a Committee 4 Wagga initiative, delivered with assistance by Wagga Wagga City Council.