Councillors to discuss Bomen rezoning planning proposal at December Ordinary Meeting

Published: 11 Dec 2017 12:25pm

A report to the 18 December Ordinary Meeting has recommended Councillors refuse a planning proposal to rezone industrial land at Bomen.

The site at 560 Byrnes Road is currently zoned IN1 General Industrial Zone, with the proposal requesting it be changed as RE2 Private Recreation Zone to facilitate the development of an entertainment complex.

Council officers have assessed the proposal and have advised Councillors the proposal is not compatible with future growth at Bomen.

“The assessment found the planning proposal was incompatible with surrounding land uses and would impose additional constraints on existing large scale industries within Bomen. The proposal is inconsistent with the NSW Planning Framework and Council strategies,” Manager City Strategy Tristan Kell said.

“Council and the NSW Government has a strong commitment for sustainable growth of our community and a key component of that is employment.

“Industrial land plays a vital role in supporting job growth in our region and this proposal conflicts with the strategic direction Council has set out in the Wagga Wagga Spatial Plan 2013-2043, Draft Wagga Wagga Activation Strategy 2040 and Wagga Wagga Integrated Transport Strategy and Implementation Plan 2040.”

Along with concerns for the future growth of Bomen, Mr Kell said existing businesses near the site had contacted Council to express concerns over the planning proposal.

“All levels of government have made a significant investment at Bomen through the new roads and ongoing development of the industrial area,” he said.

“Rezoning the land for private recreation purposes introduces sensitive land uses within the Industrial Area, which would impose additional odour, noise and visual receptors on industries within the area. Some of the region’s largest investors are concerned that additional sensitive uses would jeopardise their operation and future expansion.”

Councillors will discuss the recommendations at the 18 December Ordinary Meeting, which starts from 6pm. The business papers and full report can be found on Council’s meetings website.