The Beach Boys will be back!

Published: 14 Feb 2017 9:07am

It will take more than a freak storm to stop The Beach Boys from performing in Wagga Wagga, with the legendary band set to come back for a second time.

Significant damage to equipment from heavy rain in Wagga Wagga last night meant the Beach Boys were unable to play their set, but they were so touched by the good will of crowd that they are coming back to McDonalds Park tomorrow night.

Anyone that can prove they had a ticket for last night can come back for FREE, others can buy discounted tickets.

Lead singer Mike Love said as a way of saying thank you they will be on stage for longer than normal.

“It’s Wagga Wagga so we want to visit twice! I was so happy and pleased to see families and kids at Saturday night’s concert and we just couldn’t disappoint them so we have to come back,” he said.

Promoter Steve Scherri says with the band performing in Orange tonight (Sunday), Monday was their only night off in a busy schedule but it will be worth it.

“We were greeted so warmly by the Wagga crowd and our team sweltered through 45 degree heat to set the stage so it is only right that we finish the job,” he said.

“The supporting acts still put on a show despite the first storm wiping out the generator and a lot of our equipment, singer William Creighton is used to performing with a full band but he was happy to go on with nothing but a ukulele and an amp.”

The City of Wagga Wagga General Manager Alan Eldridge says the returning visit is a testament to the local community.

“It was clear that the band didn’t want to let the community down after they were shown so much good will by the crowd,” he said.

“The Beach Boys are such an iconic band and Wagga Wagga is so lucky to have them visiting our beautiful city not once, but twice.”

“Our staff will maintain the stage and grounds to ensure that every is ready to go for the second concert.”

Gates open at McDonalds Park at 6pm, The Beach Boys to take the stage at 7pm and play for two hours, half an hour longer than normal.

If you don’t already have a ticket you can buy them at the DISCOUNTED price of $55 at Allisons Music, the Civic Theatre or online.