Northern suburbs zoned for more development

Published: 15 Mar 2017 11:20am

The City of Wagga Wagga would like to clarify the nature of development currently underway in the northern suburbs (Estella, Boorooma and Gobbagombalin).

The Acting General Manager, Robert Knight, says there is still ample undeveloped land that has been zoned for general residential and retail opportunities, and that a development application for a shopping centre has already been approved.

“Council’s role in developing new subdivisions is to ensure that land is zoned appropriately to allow for the development of facilities to cater for the potential population,” he said.

“This includes provisions for parks, playgrounds, schools and shopping centres.

“All of these facilities are zoned for appropriately in the northern suburbs, in relation to shopping centres it is now up to the market to come and fill that space.”

Any land that has not been developed, which is zoned General Residential will not be modified or removed as a result of any strategic work undertaken. Below is a map that illustrates where lots have been registered and approved. The remaining areas zoned residential that do not show any land parcels may be developed as residential in the future.

A development application for a neighbourhood shopping centre and parking in Estella (corner of Rainbow Dr and Avocet Dr) was approved by Council on 23 April 2015. Please see the below additional details about this development application (DA14/0673):

  • The application had a value of $11.1 million and includes a supermarket with a gross floor area of 1700 square metres, a liquor store with a total area of 200sq.m, three additional retail units of 80sq.m each and a pharmacy of 200sq.m. The development also includes a coffee shop/café tenancy.
  • A modification to this consent was approved on 23 September 2016 by Council.  This modification included the addition of a gym (approximately 400sq.m) and a child care centre (approximately 410 sq.m) including a secure external play area.
  • The modification also included an additional 58 car parking spaces providing a total of 181 on site carparking spaces.
  • The modified consent has an expiry date of 23 April 2020. Approved works must commence on site by this date to ensure the consent does not lapse.  No work has commenced on site.

The City is not aware of any enquiries to develop a shopping centre on the existing Business (Local Centre) zoned land on the corner of Boorooma Street and Messenger Avenue,  Boorooma.

Northern Suburbs Zoning Map