Milestones and minimal delays for Bomen Enabling Roads project

Published: 18 May 2017 11:33am

One of the city’s largest infrastructure projects is nearing its completion with roadways taking shape and a rail bridge almost finished.

The $40M Bomen Enabling Roads project, funded by all levels of government, is set to open to traffic by the end of June.

The project has been moving with pace, with bitumen laid on sections of the new roadways this month, including for the new north-eastern entrance to the Livestock Marketing Centre.

Concrete pouring has started for two new roundabouts, one connecting the realigned Byrnes Road and East Bomen Road, the other linking Bomen Road and new LMC access with West Bomen Road.

The creation of a rail bridge/road underpass, which will close the Dampier Street level crossing, is almost complete, with the top section of the tunnel broken through on both the eastern and western sides.

The project has experienced minimal delays to date, with just 14 days lost to weather delays.

“The attention to detail with all aspects of project management on the Bomen Enabling Roads project is evident with the project on track to meet its end of June completion date and few delays or setbacks,” Commercial Operations Sector Manager Caroline Angel said.

“The works on the rail bridge/road underpass are also moving along smoothly, which is an incredible feat, considering the complex nature of the job and timings with rail movements, which have still been running during construction.”

The Bomen Enabling Roads project is fundamental supporting infrastructure for the Bomen Business Park. The new 6.8km of roadways will unlock a significant amount of industrial land for potential development and better link the Olympic and Sturt highways.

The roads are the first project in the redevelopment of the Bomen Business Park, with the proposed Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics Hub (RiFL) and the replacement of Eunony Bridge both contributing to the bigger picture for Bomen.

Bomen Enabling Roads works update:
  • Earthworks began in November 2016
  • Roadways formed, with about 500,000m3 of earth removed from site, bitumen works started in May
  • Work started on rail bridge/road underpass in March. Top section of tunnel broken through on both the eastern and western sides.
  • Concrete poured for two new roundabouts – on the east and west sides of the new rail bridge/road underpass.
Bomen Enabling Roads funding breakdown:
  • State Government - $13.2M ($8.3M for Bomen Enabling Roads, $4.9M for Eunony Bridge replacement)
  • Federal Government - $19.4M ($14.5M for Bomen Enabling Roads, $4.9M for Eunony Bridge replacement)
  • City of Wagga Wagga - $12.5M (Bomen Enabling Roads)