More options to park and enjoy our city for people living with a disability

Published: 15 May 2017 11:00am

People living with a disability will soon have improved access to Wagga Wagga’s main shopping area with the creation of 21 new disabled parking spaces.

The Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) will increase disabled parking spaces along Baylis and Fitzmaurice streets and in a number of off streets, such as Church and Fitzhardinge streets.

The length of some of the parking spaces will be extended, up to 12 metres, allowing extra room for vehicles to park and operate rear-mounted lift devices.

Works will also be carried out on existing disabled parking spaces to better align them with current standards.

Once the MPS is complete, the number of disabled parking spaces in the city’s main shopping area will be more than double the existing spaces, taking it from 15 to 36 spaces.

“It’s important we cater for the needs of everyone that lives or visits our city,” Commercial Operations Sector Manager Caroline Angel said.

“After talks with the community it was recognised that the number of vehicles in the city with rear wheelchair access is increasing, as are the number of visits to the city by community transport vehicles.”

To accommodate some of the new MPS spaces, some spaces will be changed to disabled parking only.

“To make way for the MPS upgrade, the use of 13 car spaces in Baylis and Fitzmaurice streets will be changed to disabled parking only,” Ms Angel said.

“However, numerous parking options will still remain in the city centre, including more than 1300 on-street car parking spaces, as well as 20 car parks and four major private/shopping centre car parks, all offering a mix of timed and all-day parking.”

Works on the MPS are expected to start in the coming weeks.

Increased accessible parking in the city centre is one of a number of actions identified in the City of Wagga Wagga’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) 2017-2021.

“Providing the additional parking spaces will help all people better access our public spaces and places, which is another step towards improving liveability and making our city more inclusive,” Community Sector Manager Janice Summerhayes said.

The draft DIAP is on public exhibition for community to make suggestions or provide feedback until May 24. Visit

Mobility Parking Scheme key points:

  • Increase the number of disabled parking spaces in the Wagga Wagga central shopping area to 36 spaces in 25 locations
  • Baylis and Fitzmaurice streets will have 16 disabled parking spaces in 11 locations
  • Side streets, such as Peter, Church and Fitzhardinge streets will have 20 disabled parking spaces available in 14 locations
  • Ramps, or appropriate footpath access, installed on all MPS spaces. Some existing spaces to have works carried out to better align with current standards
  • Increase in MPS spaces will better align with the number of disabled parking permit holders in the city
  • Length of some parking spaces will be increased, up to 12 metres, to allow room to load/unload passengers from vehicles with rear-mounted lift devices
  • A total of 13 car spaces in Baylis and Fitzmaurice streets will be changed to disabled parking only
  • Changed traffic conditions may apply during installation/works
  • Private car parks, such as shopping centres, are outside of the City of Wagga Wagga’s control. Staff will continue to liaise with centre management or owners when appropriate
  • Total cost for Mobility Parking Scheme is $66,000 (including works on existing spaces and installation of new spaces)

Where to park in Wagga’s main shopping area -