Statement regarding Wagga Wagga Masters Games

Published: 12 Sep 2017 11:47am

Council has made every effort to contact the Wagga Wagga Masters Games organiser, but due to the lack of response was left with no choice but to release the venue bookings.

The organiser was advised of this on 29 August.

Along with not contacting Council or attending a number of scheduled meetings, the organiser had provided no evidence of registrations or commitments from local sporting groups and had not provided public liability documentation despite multiple requests.

Council staff last met with the organiser on 25 July and arranged a meeting on 9 August, which the organiser did not attend nor communicate their inability to attend.

After multiple attempts to contact the organiser via phone and email, staff received a response via social media on 17 August advising they would be in contact the following day.

This did not occur and follow up correspondence was not returned.

The organiser did not attend a meeting scheduled for 28 August, which left Council with no option but to release the venue bookings for Bolton Park Stadium, Bolton Park, French Fields, Conolly Park and the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre