Joint statement: National Sword Policy

Published: 04 Apr 2018 8:55am

In response to a number of enquiries, both Wagga Wagga City Council and Kurrajong Recycling would like to clarify there is no change to how residents sort their recyclable material.

China’s National Sword Policy has impacted many countries, including Australia, with some recyclable items not currently accepted or subject to more stringent contamination rates.

A particular type of PET plastic container that has a PVC coating, such as biscuit trays or strawberry punnets, is not currently being accepted by China and there is no demand for this material in the domestic plastic industry.

Kurrajong Recycling and Council have discussed the issue and agree that residents should continue to sort their recyclable material as normal as any change may only be short term.

Kurrajong Recycling factored weighbridge charges at Gregadoo Waste Management Centre into their costings when they tendered for the acceptance and processing of Wagga Wagga’s recyclable material last year.

Council and Kurrajong Recycling have met regularly to monitor the impacts of China’s National Sword Policy and will continue to do so and will take any appropriate action when required.

Wagga Wagga City Council Director Commercial Operations Caroline Angel and Kurrajong Recycling Manager Tim Macgillycuddy