Blue-green algae alert continues for Lake Albert

Published: 05 Jan 2018 3:54pm

A visual inspection of Lake Albert today has confirmed the continued presence of extensive cyanobacteria colonisation (blue-green algae bloom) on the lake’s surface.

“The current ‘Red Alert’ will remain whilst widespread areas of blue-green algae are visible,” Acting Manager Environment & City Compliance Sharomi Dayanand said.

“Council advises the community that people and domestic animals should not come into contact with water from the lake.

“Unfortunately, the continuing warm weather conditions are conducive to algal growth and the weekend forecast of high temperatures are expected to help the algae persist.

“After this weekend’s heat, further samples will be obtained to confirm and monitor cyanobacteria levels.”

Blue-green algae can appear as specking, suspended clumps or as algal scums, which take the form of green or yellow discoloured slicks on the water surface.

Algal blooms generally occur in waters rich in nutrients, in particular phosphorus. These nutrients originate from activities within the lake catchment, particularly after periods of high temperature and/or rainfall events.