Nine hundred new street trees to be planted this winter

Published: 19 Jun 2018 9:22am

Nine hundred new trees will soon be appearing across the city as part of Council’s winter street tree planting program.

Planting is now underway in Boorooma followed by Estella Rise, Bourkelands, Tatton and Lloyd.

By the time the program finishes at the end of August, Wagga Wagga will be home to more than 61,000 street trees.

“Many of this year’s trees are being planted in growing areas in the city, particularly in the north, and the new trees will add to the liveability and amenity of those suburbs,” Council’s Director Commercial Operations Caroline Angel said.

“Not only do tree-lined streets look good, they serve many important purposes.

“Street trees provide a green corridor for birds and wildlife and help combat the ‘heat island effect’ during summer.

“Roads and buildings retain a lot of heat and the shade from street trees keeps our city cooler.”

While plenty of shade is needed during summer, it’s also important the sun can shine through in winter.

Ms Angel said there are many factors to consider when choosing what to plant and where.

“We plant different species depending on the location,” she said. “For example, smaller growing trees are planted near power lines, or deciduous trees are used to ensure there is enough sunshine in the colder months.

“Our street tree strategy and master plan helps inform staff about which species are planted and where.

“The strategy considers geographical and ecological features of areas of the city, which helps us decide which species will grow best in different areas depending on soil type and other factors.”

Trees planted this year include a mixture of species. Native plantings include eucalypts, water gums, bottlebrushes and melaleucas; while the exotics are ash, ornamental pear, oak, and elm trees, Chinese tallow wood and crepe myrtles.

Trees are purchased from quality nurseries and Council staff ensure the new plantings are well-looked after until they are established. The trees are watered every month during summer for the first two years and are also pruned regularly to ensure they become a long-standing part of Wagga Wagga’s impressive “treescape”.

Residents can request their neighbourhood be considered in next year’s street tree planting program by contacting Council on 1300 292 442.