Community lends a hand at National Tree Day

Published: 01 Aug 2019 11:32am

Thank you to the 175 green thumbs who lent a hand to plant more than 1500 native grasses, shrubs and tree seedlings as part of National Tree Day on Sunday 28 July.

This year’s event was held at Birramal Conservation Area, which is known to be frequented by a number of threatened native species such as Superb Parrot, Yellow-bellied Sheath-tailed Bat, and the locally endangered Squirrel Glider.

As the plants grow they will provide food and habitat for the threatened fauna as well as a fantastic display when the plants are in flower for both Lloyd residents and the people who frequent the conservation area.

“Many of the threatened and endangered animals in our Local Government Area rely on this vegetation community to survive,” Environmental Education Officer Sam Pascall said.

“The 1500 different plants added to Birramal Conservation Area will help connect fragmented vegetation.”

This year, Council also introduced corflute tree guards that can be reused for years to come instead of the soft plastic tree guards.