Refurbished HMAS Sydney derrick back on display

Published: 09 Aug 2019 3:45pm

The refurbished derrick of the HMAS Sydney is standing proudly in the Victory Memorial Gardens once again.

The wooden derrick is used as a flagpole in the gardens and was taken down for repairs and refurbishment, which have recently been completed.

The derrick famously has a battle scar from a shell fired by German ship SMS Emden, with the refurbishment works also better highlighting the scar in the paintwork.

To mark the occasion, a Mayoral Reception was held on Friday 2 August followed by a service in the gardens that featured a naval sunset ceremony, salute and performance by the Royal Australian Navy band from Sydney.

Council provided $5669 to the RSL Wagga Wagga Sub Branch for the refurbishment of the HMAS Sydney derrick.

The total cost of the refurbishment was $19,000, with the Royal Australian Navy contributing $8000, and the balance of $11,000 funded equally by the sub-branch and Council.