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Photography conversation panel

Published: 06 Dec 2019 3:06pm

Four highly regarded Wagga artists will share a compelling insight into their perspectives on contemporary photography and the medium’s dramatic evolution in the digital era.

Wagga photographers James Farley, Jamie Holcombe, Joel Markham and Melbourne-based Jacob Raupauch will participate in an hour panel conversation, titled *** Shooting the Breeze, Perspectives on Contemporary Photography, in the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery between 11am and 12 noon today.

“We are living in an extraordinary environment in relation to photography,” Joel Markham said.

“The continued evolution of information technologies and the use of iPhones and social media means we have an unprecedented amount of visual language circulating the globe.

“For photographers living and working in the present, it’s an extraordinary time.

“We know that’s the state-of-play… the world we live in… but it’s impossible to predict what sort of impact this will have on individuals, communities and societies further into the future.

“How will history look back on this evolution?”

Joel said with easily accessible devices, like iPhones, by far the most popular camera of choice, the contemporary photography landscape has been completely revolutionised.

“This panel conversation is our opportunity to press the pause button… to dissect some of what’s going on,” he said.

Today’s free panel talk is running in conjunction with Joel’s exhibition, *** Heaven and Earth - 2019, on display in the Links Gallery until Sunday 5 January.