Council ramping up capital works

Published: 25 Mar 2019 5:24pm

Wagga Wagga City Council is set to consider options for ramping up its capital works delivery.

For some years now, each yearly budget has aspired to delivering a large number of capital works projects. A large number of these projects have been pushed into the following year because the resources required to plan, oversee and deliver the work are not available.

Council will consider a report on Monday night to update them on what capital works will be delivered this year. The report also forecasts a different approach to capital works delivery next year.

“With Wagga Wagga growing and attracting a lot of investment, the need for Council to ramp up its capital works delivery is highlighted,” General Manager Peter Thompson said.

“Recruitment of skilled staff for delivery of projects by Council is always a challenge.  This is particularly the case when the economy is strong and there are other projects, which need to be delivered across the country.

“Strategies are being costed right now and will include packaging similar works for delivery by external contractors and new approaches to recruitment.

“Council needs to ramp up the works being completed, including planning for future infrastructure the city needs and then putting it on the ground.

“It is an exciting time and the Council will meet the challenge.”