Mobile Food Vendors

Published: 08 Nov 2019 3:09pm

Rejuvenating Wagga Beach and better catering to visitors to the Botanic Gardens form part of an exciting vision for the future of the city’s Mobile Food Vendors program.

Wagga City Council gave the Mobile Food Vendor policy the green light at the 28 October Ordinary Council meeting, paving the way for the program to become a permanent fixture on the city’s landscape.

Economic Development Officer Dominic Kennedy said the community had shown overwhelming support for the program, with the Mobile Food Vendors Trial Report revealing 98 percent of respondents were in favour of the initiative moving forward.

“The community’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive,” Mr Kennedy said.

“There was a general belief that having access to mobile food vendors encouraged residents to get outdoors and improved their ability to engage with their community.”

Mr Kennedy believes the now-permanent program has the potential to play a crucial role in activating some of the city’s most well-known spaces, including under-utilised areas like Wagga Beach.

“Primarily we want to make it a better place to hang out and a more attractive spot for residents and visitors alike,” he said.

“It’s the same for the Botanic Gardens. While there is no café operating, we’re hoping a mobile food vendor will see the potential benefits of operating in a very popular space.”

Mr Kennedy stressed one of the critical aspects of the mobile food vendor policy was enabling participating businesses to find market opportunities within the city.

This business development has already been demonstrated, as one of the trial participants recently shifted their operation into a CBD location.

Council are currently accepting applications for mobile food vendor permits that will allow up to 10 vendors to be operating on Council-owned land before the busy summer holidays.

“Vendors who participated in the Mobile Food Vendor Trial will be able to operate until February 29, next year, or until all 10 permits have been issued.” Mr Kennedy said.

Application forms can be downloaded on Council’s website.

Annual permits will cost $350 and will be valid until 30 June.