Response to Prime 7 Levee Story

Published: 28 Nov 2019 2:18pm

Wagga City Council General Manager Peter Thompson has responded to recent claims about Council actions in relation to North Wagga and flood protection, labelling the reports as “misleading and factually wrong”.

Mr Thompson and Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga Councillor Greg Conkey OAM recently met with a representative of the North Wagga Residents’ Association at the request of the Association.

“Contrary to a media report on Prime 7 on Wednesday night, no legal action of any kind has been commenced against the Council in relation to the issue,” Mr Thompson said.

“Also contrary to that media report, Council has expressed the view to the legal representatives for the Association that Council is not aware of any departures from appropriate processes in relation to flood mitigation decisions about North Wagga.

“Council has indicated that if there is an argument that something has not been done properly, then a Court review would have benefits to the whole community in transparently and independently ascertaining if that argument has any merit.

“Also contrary to the media report of Wednesday, Council is endeavouring to work with the representatives of the North Wagga community to explore any opportunities for NSW State Government to support the type of investigation which the community is requesting.”

Mr Thompson extended an open invitation to meet with representatives of the Association some months ago. The Association requested a meeting and this was held almost immediately.

He said Council hopes to continue these open lines of communication.

“At the meeting with the Association I suggested that Council write a letter to the NSW Government requesting funding for a feasibility study to consider a flood levee which would protect North Wagga from flood events up to and including a 1 in 100 year event,” Mr Thompson said.

“It was agreed that this would be a beneficial step and it will be done without delay.”

Councillors were briefed on the initiative prior to the Council meeting on 11 November.

Mr Thompson said natural disasters, such as flooding, are devastating for everyone impacted by the event.

“Council expresses its great disappointment that such a critical issue for the community is being misled by inaccurate media coverage,” Mr Thompson said.