Drivers urged to avoid areas where invasive weeds are present

Published: 03 Oct 2019 4:13pm

Wagga drivers planning to hit the open road these school holidays are being warned to remain vigilant against a potentially pesky hitchhiker.

A variety of invasive weeds are found within the Wagga Wagga City Council area that have the potential to pose a serious risk to the region’s natural environment and agricultural production.

Since 2014, Council has been involved in the Red Guide Post Project, an initiative aiming to assist in reducing the spread of invasive and priority weeds along roadsides.

The red posts, similar in appearance to the more common, white guide posts, are an important tool to notify road users, farmers and contractors that high risk weeds are present in roadside vegetation.

“The posts are used to identify areas where there are weeds that we are working to address,” Council’s Environmental Management Team Leader Tony Phelps said.

The posts are placed at the start and end of each infestation to identify areas that people, vehicles, machinery and stock should avoid.

Road users are asked to avoid stopping in areas marked by the Red Guide Posts, to help prevent transporting weeds to new areas.

“All it takes is for the seeds to attach to clothing, to the vehicle wheels, machinery parts or to the fur of an animal and they can be easily spread,” Mr Phelps said.

“Some of the weed infestations can be very hard to see if the plants are dormant. They won’t be visible until they germinate in season.”

Council work to treat weed infestation areas by using site specific Integrated Weed Management strategies.

“There are a variety of weeds we see across the Wagga Wagga City Council area and if these weeds are allowed to become established in new areas they can take many years to remove them” Mr Phelps said.