Fresh start for scruffy shelter pair

Published: 06 Sep 2019 3:28pm

This is one tail that’s sure to make you paws for thought.

With their shiny, short coats and bright eyes, it’s hard to believe these two loveable rogues were abandoned outside the Glenfield Road Animal Shelter in almost, unrecognisable condition.

“They were left tied to the gate with just their bedding,” Animal Welfare Officer Keli Stephens said.

“It’s something that doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.

“And it can be quite scary for the dogs or cats.”

The Maltese-crosses were discovered looking a little worse for wear.

“Their fur was pretty heavily matted and they were dirty and scruffy,” Ms Stephens said.

“We decided the best thing we could do was give them both a mini makeover.”

The pair was taken to a groomer for a lovely, warm bath and well-deserved clip.

“They look like completely different dogs,” Ms Stephens said.

“A grooming session can help improve a dog’s chances of being adopted quickly.”

The friendly pair, believed to be brothers, are otherwise healthy, and ready to be welcomed into a new, fur-ever home.

“We really want them to be adopted together,” she said.

There’s hope the fur siblings will soon receive their happy ending, with Ms Stephens revealing there’s already interest in the duo.

The small dogs can be adopted for $321.50 each, or, ideally, $643 together.

You can meet any of the animals in the shelter between 1pm and 4pm, Monday to Saturday.