Tarcutta Truck Changeover Yard lighting upgrade project

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A lighting upgrade for Tarcutta’s truck changeover yard

Published: 21 Aug 2020 3:16pm

A project is underway to upgrade the lighting around the perimeter of the Tarcutta truck changeover yard.

Contractors for Wagga Wagga City Council, AC Electrics, are carrying out the works, which began earlier this month.

Project Manager Thomas Lemerle said the project’s aim is to minimise electricity consumption on the site and save on operational and maintenance costs by upgrading the existing light system.

“This will be achieved through the installation of new LED fittings, a vehicle sensor system, lighting controls and smart programming,” Mr Lemerle said.

“The sensor system and programming will ensure drivers using the truck changeover will still have good lighting when they’re using the facilities at night-time.

“Allowance has been made for additional capacity to install a CCTV system if required at a later stage.”

The works are being carried out during daylight hours so there will be no disruption to lighting of the site at night.

While there is some noise associated with this work, Mr Lemerle said every effort is being made to minimise the impacts

The project is expected to be finished by mid-September, weather permitting.