A blue car drives past a 40 km/hr road sign on the upgraded Farrer Road.

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Farrer Road reopens to local traffic

Published: 07 Aug 2020 2:25pm

Council has finished the $6.4M project of widening and reconstructing the entire length of Farrer Road.

The upgraded 1.9-kilometre road now has the capability to service increased traffic flow resulting from the development of residential subdivisions and growth of nearby educational institutions including Charles Sturt University and The Riverina Anglican College.

Project manager Silas Darby said while there had been some challenges along the way, he and the team were proud of the finished project.

“Upgrading a much-used and relied upon road like Farrer Road was always going to be complicated, but the local community has been very supportive and patient, which we really appreciated,” Mr Darby said.

“We worked on the road in three separate 650-metre-long sections, which enabled residents to maintain access to Boorooma – there were always two of the three access points off Farrer Road open for the duration of the project.

“The road is now ready to handle the increase in traffic volume and is much safer with the wider corridor and additional turning lanes.

“It’s a great surface and we’re pleased with the result. We know there are a lot of people who are very happy it’s reopened.”

The speed limit for Farrer Road will remain 40 km/hr until lines are marked.

For more information on the upgrade, visit the Farrer Road Upgrade page.