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Focus on caravan safety this holiday season

Published: 04 Dec 2020 1:42pm

Travel bans stemming from COVID-19 restrictions have seen a significant rise in the number of caravans on the roads as holidaymakers make the most of domestic getaways across the State.

Wagga Wagga City Council Road Safety Officer Emma Reynolds said the popularity of caravanning has grown 30 per cent since the pandemic started, a statistic which has also increased potential for more unsafe vehicles on the roads.

“Towing a caravan takes more concentration than driving your car as your vehicle becomes much heavier, wider, longer and taller,” Mrs Reynolds said.

“It’s harder to move and much harder to stop – so allow extra time and space for all manoeuvres, including overtaking and turning corners.

“Issues with speed and load are common causes of crashes, which often start with a swaying vehicle and that could end with a rollover.”

Caravan owners in the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area are being offered an opportunity to have their van and vehicle weighed before heading off on their travels.

Council is giving away a limited number of vouchers for a Free Caravan Towing Vehicle Check

An approved weighbridge station authorised representative will inform owners of:

*Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

*Gross Trailer Mass (GTM)

*Combined Vehicle Mass (GCM)

Enter the draw for a free safety check voucher at: