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Crane towers over Eunony Bridge site

Published: 21 Feb 2020 1:33pm

An 80-metre tall crane now towers above Eunony Bridge as preparation works on the $10.6M upgrade of the structure progress despite a setback early this week.

The crane will be critical to the removal of five sections of the bridge and replaced with stronger and wider top deck in coming months.

The boom extends 80 metres and the width of the crane takes up both lanes of the road.

The theft of specialised equipment from the Eunony Bridge construction site early this week has forced Wagga Wagga City Council to restrict access to the Murrumbidgee River either side of the bridge.

Access to the river reserves from the western and eastern approaches along Eunony Bridge Road will now be fenced off on either side of the bridge and the road closed from closer to the Sturt Highway.

Council’s Director Commercial Operations Caroline Angel said equipment being used in the bridge project was stolen between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning this week and has resulted in delays to the works.

“It’s disappointing and frustrating from so many perspectives,” Ms Angel said.

“The work is now being held up, less than a week into the full closure of the bridge. Acts such as these impact everyone – Council, the contractors and the general public all suffer as a consequence of these unlawful actions.

“Security will now be tightened at the work site and access will be restricted in those areas around the bridge. It means closing a large section of Eunony Bridge Road, particularly to prevent vehicles accessing the area.

“The equipment that was stolen was quite large and required a vehicle and effort to move.

“As a direct consequence of this theft, costs incurred by additional security measures and the equipment replacement will all roll into the project. They’re additional costs that are unnecessary and they impact on the project.”

Ms Angel said the contractor was working quickly to get replacement equipment so work could resume as soon as practicable.

“We will be back in action again soon,” Ms Angel said.

“It is frustrating for everybody to have to stop work when we had made such a good start to this important project.”

The approach road from the eastern side of Eunony Bridge Road will now be closed at the intersection of Gumly Road.

Eunony Bridge will be closed until 1 August 2020, weather permitting.