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Gregadoo gas capture network to expand

Published: 31 Jan 2020 2:51pm

Another stage in a series of improvements at the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre will be achieved in coming weeks when an important piece of infrastructure is expanded at the site.

Wagga City Council will be extending the existing gas capture network into three more waste cells which increases methane gas extraction and destruction. Work on the project starts on Monday, 3 February.

A combustion evaporator unit will then be installed to evaporate the leachate liquid currently stored in ponds at the site.

The extracted methane gas will be used in the evaporator to heat the leachate liquid.

“Council is working hard to create a cleaner, greener environment by upgrading and redeveloping the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre (GWMC) to meet the needs of our growing city,” GWMC manager Geoff Pym said.

“The aim of the four initiatives is to improve efficiency, introduce new waste management technology, simplify waste disposal and improve access for the community.

“The expansion of the gas capture capability is an important part of this upgrade. It will take about eight weeks to install and start supplying additional methane to the existing flare.”

The residual solid will then be placed in the landfill cell and any remaining methane will be burnt off in the existing gas flare.

Mr Pym said when methane is burnt it is converted to carbon dioxide and water which is a more environmentally friendly option.

“Methane is roughly 25 times more potent as a heat-trapping greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide,” Mr Pym said.