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Collingullie Transfer Station upgrade complete

Published: 17 Jul 2020 8:36am

Improvements in safety, capacity, efficiency and amenity of the site highlight a recent upgrade to the Collingullie Transfer Station.

New low level bins with wind back covers have been placed at the facility to reduce odour, wind blown litter, to keep contents dry and to keep out vermin.

The lower height of the bins removes the risk of falls as customers can now transfer their waste and recycling from ground level.

The larger site allows for more vehicles to unload whilst still allowing room for safe vehicle and pedestrian movements.

The entrance gate has also been widened to allow for safer and more efficient traffic flow.

A new rubbish catch fence has been constructed around the area which allows staff to easily remove any litter caught by the fence.

Gravel and concrete hardstand areas have also been constructed to provide an even and level surface which can be safely used in all weather.