Section of Tumbarumba Road upgraded in 2020

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Upgrade to Oura and Tumbarumba Roads

Published: 27 Jul 2020 12:15pm

Pavement rehabilitation along sections of Tumbarumba Road and Oura Road has recently been completed by Wagga Wagga City Council civil works crews.

A total of 5km of road works along Tumbarumba Road included 1.5km of pavement rehabilitation patches around Book Book village.

Road shoulders were also built up and sealed in between the rehab patches, extending the width of the road pavement to meet current standards.

Crews completed 9km of works including 1.6km of pavement rehabilitation patches between the Wagga Wagga LGA boundary and Oura Village.

Shoulders were also attended to in between the rehab patches to remove any sharp drop offs from the edge of the seal.

The road was remediated to form safer corridors in both areas. Final patches received their new seal before the end of June.