North Wagga Wagga flood mitigation consultations on hold

Published: 07 May 2020 5:35pm

Wagga Wagga City Council is continuing to work on the flood mitigation processes for North Wagga Wagga.

Council, through the Woolcott Research and Engagement Group, recently sought community feedback on how public consultation might be pursued in light of the current COVID-19 circumstances.

Given the Council is also procuring a peer review of the 2018 Floodplain Risk Management Plan, the North Wagga Residents’ Association has requested that further public consultation be suspended until the outcome of the peer review is determined.

The peer review involves a review of the options for North Wagga Wagga which are included in the Floodplain Risk Management Study Plan. The purpose of the review is to provide specialist comment on whether the process and analysis methods undertaken have been appropriate.

Any residents who received the survey from the Woolcott Research and Engagement Group are advised not to take any further action in response to the survey. Council will be sending a separate communication to all the original recipients.

The Council is endeavouring to increase communication links with the North Wagga community and the North Wagga Residents’ Association. The aim is to ensure that everyone has access to information about how this complex issue is being progressed.