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Statement: re-homing geese at Wollundry Lagoon

Published: 13 Aug 2021 3:21pm

A number of the geese that were very recently re-homed from the Wollundry Lagoon will be returned due to extensive public feedback.

Wagga Wagga City Council senior staff made the decision to return some of the waterfowl to the lagoon and will commence a review of the management of the animals in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

An informative campaign about the inappropriate types, and excessive amount, of food being fed to the geese on a regular basis, which is detrimental to their overall health, will also be undertaken.

Every 1-2 years Council staff relocate a number of geese from the location following an Expressions Of Interest (EOI) process to identify suitable homes for the birds, in line with the Wollundry Lagoon Plan of Management.

The EOI process includes checks by Wagga Wagga City Council staff to ensure that the potential new homes for the geese meet acceptable standards in relation to the management of all animals.

In February 2020, an EOI process resulted in interest from parties with the means to look after the re-homed birds, but the process was put on hold due to COVID restrictions.

While some of the birds will return to the lagoon, the remaining geese have been relocated to the successful applicants from this most recent EOI and will remain in this safer environment.

Geese are an introduced species at the Wollundry Lagoon and their management is subject to the Wollundry Lagoon Plan of Management.

Council assures the public that the welfare of the geese is its primary concern, but in returning some of the birds noted the importance of the feedback received from the public.