Household items on tables under cover for garage sale


Wagga residents become more aware of waste creation

Published: 28 Jan 2021 11:37am

Wagga Wagga City Council is encouraged to see a growing change in attitude amongst residents about what to do with their unwanted household items.

More than 2,200 residents from across Local Government Area were involved as sellers or shoppers in the Garage Sale Trail held in November 2020, with 41 individual sales and five group sales.

Council’s Environmental Education Officer Alice Kent said the Impact Report for Garage Sale Trail 2020 for Council reveals some positive trends in behaviour change among participants.

“Just by taking part, those people have become more aware of waste creation and how easy it is to accrue items you no longer or only rarely use,” Ms Kent said.

“By decluttering their homes, they’re now a bit more mindful of what items they’re purchasing and how they dispose of them.

“More than 80 per cent of residents stated they were more likely to reduce waste after holding a garage sale, while 23 per cent indicated they were now more likely to buy second-hand furniture.

“They’re reassessing how much stuff that they actually need in their household to live a happy existence and it might affect what and how they purchase in the future.”

Not only was it an opportunity for sale hosts to declutter and to find a new home for their unwanted items, the event also provided an opportunity to make some money.

Silver tea set and crystal items

According to the survey, $17,187 changed hands at local Garage Sale Trail events.

Ms Kent said for 72 per cent of the sellers, it was the first time they had hosted garage sale, and they would not have held one if it had not been for the Garage Sale Trail.

“They needed that little nudge to participate, but the benefit was connecting with neighbours and meeting people who they otherwise might not have met,” Ms Kent said.

“Another positive going forward is that just over 90 per cent of sellers indicated they would participate again, with 100 per cent of shoppers giving the same response.

“Even with items not sold on the day, they state they were more likely to donate them to charity or other friends or relatives rather than sending them to the tip.”

The Impact Report found the estimated weight of items reused locally due the Garage Sale was 14,735kg, while 33 per cent of the items sold would otherwise have gone to landfill.

People can pre-register for the 2021 Garage Sale Trail, to be held on the weekend of 13-14 November, at