Solar panels


Council’s move towards solar power on track

Published: 20 May 2021 12:13pm

It’s been twelve months since Wagga Wagga City Council installed solar systems at the Civic Centre and Livestock Marketing Centre and the move is paying off.

Since the two systems were installed in May 2020 as part of Council’s solar project, the panels have generated a combined 182 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy, saving Council over $46,000.

Council’s Project Coordinator Thomas Lemerle said the 99 kilowatt (kW) solar panels on the Civic Centre building had been laid horizontally in order to maximise the number of panels the roof could fit.

“We’re very pleased with our system’s performance,” Mr Lemerle said.

“We’re on track for the Civic Centre system to pay for itself in 2.6 years, and the Livestock Marketing Centre system in 3.3 years.”

Council’s move towards solar has been highly successful, with plans underway to install a solar system at the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre.

“We’re in the detailed design phase to install a solar system on the roof and upgrade plant within the building as part of our $1.3 million Oasis Energy Savings Project,” Mr Lemerle said.

“The project will improve our services, for example the heating of the hydrotherapy pool will be more consistent, and the water temperature will be hotter. We’ll also have better air handling, improve the internal air quality and atmosphere with reduced humidity, and keep the air warmer during winter and cooler in the summer.

“It’ll be the first step in moving the Oasis towards clean energy and reaching Council’s targets for net zero emissions.”

Council is aiming to begin the Oasis Energy Savings Project in 2022.