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Saleyards upgrade means more capacity

Published: 05 May 2021 5:29pm

A $2.2 million upgrade to the sheep yards at Wagga Wagga City Council’s Livestock Marketing Centre saw increased capacity at the expanded facility’s first sales last month.

The project marked the first upgrade to the sheep yards since the year 2000 and adds 25 per cent capacity at the premier selling facility in New South Wales.

LMC Manager Paul Martin said the project is a major improvement as demand for more serviceable and useable space has consistently increased in recent years.

Mr Martin said more stock has been sold through the yards in recent years and the upgrade became a priority in order to meet that demand.

“The agricultural community who utilises this facility on a weekly basis have welcomed the upgrade,” Mr Martin said.

“The Selling Agents’ Association, in particular, have been a great advocate for the increase in capacity and also producers who can put more stock through the yards at any one sale.

“Finalising this project is in line with the 2016 masterplan for the LMC, so we’ve ticked a number of boxes with this investment in the city.”

Council Project Co-ordinator Kym Holbrook said handover of the new section of the facility late last month marked the completion of a 12-month project.

“It’s a significant project because the outcome benefits so many levels of the local community,” Mr Holbrook said.

“Several local contractors were used in the construction and that is significant for local jobs and the economy.

“The producers and agents now have capacity to sell more stock on sale days and that reflects on a Council business which is a key part of the rural sector.”