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Council plans for new growth and infrastructure

Published: 14 Oct 2021 4:16pm

A growing city requires infrastructure to support and enable growth. Funding this infrastructure in the rapidly growing Northern Growth Area in Wagga Wagga is the focus of proposed changes to three infrastructure contribution plans now open for community feedback.

High rates of new growth in areas such as River Road and the existing population in Boorooma, Estella and Gobbagombalin will require new stormwater, sewerage, open space and transport infrastructure estimated to cost Wagga Wagga City Council $15 million to support the development.

It is proposed to partly fund the stormwater infrastructure through an amendment to the existing Development Servicing Plan (DSP) Stormwater.

To ensure Section 64 Sewer contributions are captured to fund sewer infrastructure in River Road, an addendum to the DSP Sewerage Services is also proposed.

Changes to the Wagga Wagga Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2019 - 2034 (LICP) are also required, in the form of an appendix, to ensure Section 7.11 contributions are captured and reflect the cost to provide open space and transport infrastructure in River Road.

The proposed draft contribution rates were approved by Councillors at their 11 October Ordinary Meeting and are now on public exhibition for community feedback until 29 November 2021.

Council’s Contributions Coordinator Belinda Maclure explained the plans, saying the updates are based on population forecasts and the cost of new infrastructure required to support development.

“When land is developed, the developer pays an infrastructure contribution to Council,” Ms Maclure said.

“Council then uses those contributions to pay for identified open space, traffic, sewer and stormwater infrastructure required for the area. As the city continues to grow, we need more infrastructure to provide the level of service our community expects.”

Council’s Director Regional Activation Michael Keys said infrastructure contributions are essential to funding vital infrastructure and provide benefits for the whole community.

“We are proposing updates to the infrastructure contribution plans to ensure we can fund the additional infrastructure required to support a growing city” Mr Keys said.

“The Northern Growth Area is the fastest growing area of the city, and the changes to the infrastructure contributions ensure our infrastructure keeps up with and supports development.

“The city is continuing to grow and regional areas such as Wagga Wagga are becoming more and more attractive to new residents. This demand means we are opening up new areas for housing and Council is planning for, and working, to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to accommodate this expansion.”

Ms Maclure encouraged people to have a look at the draft documents, take advantage of the engagement opportunities Council has planned and make a submission.

“The proposed changes will help the city cater for the future,” Ms Maclure said.

To make a submission and for more information go to