Canine Cake goes down a treat!

Published: 24 Jun 2022 1:33pm

Staff at the Glenfield Road Animal Shelter pride themselves in providing the best care they can to animals in their safekeeping, so it made sense to help two guests celebrate their 10th birthday (yes, that’s 70 in dog years!).

Zac and Ahlia got to share a canine cake, made especially for dogs, provided by staff this past week while awaiting their ‘forever homes’. Zac and Ahlia enjoyed their cake and then shared it with the rest of their friends at the shelter.

Staff dedicate a great deal of time caring for their ‘guests’, ensuring all animals in their care are in good health while at the shelter, and when they leave. All animal guests are routinely checked each weekday by the shelter’s contract vet, who also undertakes a full vet check when our animals are adopted, ensuring all the animals get the best chance at life.

Staff are currently caring for a very large number of animals, and rely on the goodwill, time and effort of volunteers at the shelter and in local groups to re-home some of these wonderful animals.

If you feel the urge to expand your family to include a pet, consider visiting our website to have a look, or stop by for a visit during opening hours.