Algal alert sign


Blue-Green Algae alert for Lake Albert

Published: 07 Mar 2022 2:16pm

Wagga Wagga City Council has issued an alert for blue-green algae in Lake Albert and advises that from today, contact with water from the lake should be avoided.

Manager Environment and Regulatory Services Mark Gardiner said visual signs of algae scum, which may pose a hazard to public health, have been observed in Lake Albert.

For more information about Lake Albert water quality:

Lake Albert

“Signs were put in by Council this morning Council advises that people and domestic animals should not come into contact with water from the lake,” Mr Gardiner said.

“The water from Lake Albert is unsuitable for all uses, including drinking, and recreational use.

“Particular care should be taken where algae can be seen, or where the water has a strong odour.

“Blue-green algae can appear as specking, suspended clumps or as algal scums which take the form of green or yellow discoloured slicks on the water surface.”

Algal alert sign with lake in background

Pets are at risk from the algae, with dogs especially susceptible to toxins.

Blue-green algal blooms generally occur in waters rich in nutrients, in particular phosphorus. These nutrients originate from activities within the lake, particularly after periods of high temperature and/or rainfall events.

Wagga Wagga City Council is a member of the Murrumbidgee Regional Algal Coordinating Committee and is following the protocols contained in the Murrumbidgee Regional Algal Contingency Plan.

Council will continue to monitor the situation and the community will be notified as soon as the readings are at an acceptable level.